Open Studio webinars consist of hour-long Zoom sessions led by Waters Center staff and special guests. Each webinar will examine a different topic through a systems thinking lens. Open Studio webinars are interactive and include opportunities for dialogue among participants and facilitator(s). Be prepared to have your web camera on and to connect with other systems thinkers from around the world!

Upcoming Webinars

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Past Webinar Topics

  • Accidental Adversaries in Challenging Times
  • Systems Thinking Tools Applied to Current Events
  • Live Chat!
  • Habits of a Systems Thinker - Still the One
  • Parents Edition: Systems Thinking for Students at Home
  • Building Bridges and Breaking Down Silos
  • Engaging Youth in Community Issues
  • Addressing the Unknown with the Ladder of Inference
  • Futures Thinking for More Equitable Education Systems
  • Going Beneath the Surface
  • What Can We Learn From Examining Change?
  • Teacher Studio: What Can Students Learn From Examining Change?
  • Taking Action: Using Systems Thinking to Tackle Complex Community Challenges
  • Teacher Studio: Seasons, Salmon and Storms: Integrating Systems Thinking with Science Standards
  • These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things …
  • These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things … Teacher Edition
  • Key Accumulations in the New Year – Stock-Flow Maps
  • Addressing Homelessness and Housing Instability through Systems Thinking
  • Teacher Studio: Systems Thinking Celebrates Love of Reading
  • How Loops Lead to Leverage
  • Teacher Studio: Teaching Thinking Virtually
  • Successive Approximation: Valuable lessons learned when ST experiences go awry
  • Successive Approximation: Lessons learned when things go awry in the classroom
  • Story Science and Systems Thinking
  • Story and STEM for Educators
  • Teaching Systems Thinking Concepts Using Cartoons
  • Learning and Applying Systems Thinking: From Cartoons to Congress
  • Back to School: Systems Thinking Concepts to Launch the School Year
  • Opening Doors to the Value of Systems Thinking
  • Evaluating the Journey of the Pandemic with the Habits of a Systems Thinker
  • Getting Personal With Systems Thinking
  • Meditation and Yoga Asana Using the Habits of a Systems Thinker
  • A Conversation with David Stroh & Michael Goodman: Applied Systems Thinking
  • Aspirations: Reflecting and Strategizing Using Systems Thinking
  • Avoiding the Traps Within Systems Thinking Archetypes
  • Trial and Learning Insights From a Recovering Systems Thinker
  • Let Systems Thinking Help You Recharge!
  • Now What? A Call to Action
  • High-leverage Tools for STEM Equity
  • Recipes for Making Systems Thinking Your Own
  • Autumn’s Season of Thanks: Insights Within an Iceberg
  • Parenthood and Systems Thinking: Raising Children in Today’s World
  • Leverage Your Listening Skills with Feedback Loops
  • STEMAZing Systems Thinking
  • Systems Thinking in Healthcare Education: Using Archetypes to Diagnose and Treat System Disorders
  • Using Systems Thinking to Increase Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Shell NXplorers – Skills to Reimagine Our World
  • Planting the Seeds and Growing Systems Thinking in Your Organization
  • Developing the Leaders Our Systems Deserve
  • STEMAZing ST Webinar: got beer? (or soda)
  • “Dancing with Systems”: Dive into a Systems Thinking Article
  • “An Imperfect Leader: Human-Centered Leadership in (After) Action”
  • Igniting a Fire: Lighting the Spark of Systems Thinking
  • Earth Science from the North Atlantic Session 1 (for Teachers)
  • Earth Science from the North Atlantic Session 1 (for Classrooms)
  • Earth Science from the North Atlantic Session 2 (for Teachers)
  • Earth Science from the North Atlantic Session 2 (for Classrooms)
  • Why Does Public Health Need Equity-Minded Systems Thinkers?
  • A Global Perspective: Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Turkish Habits Work
  • Starting the Ripple: Peacebuilding Habits for Systems Change