Systems Thinking Advanced Facilitator Credential

Take your systems thinking skills to the next level
The Waters Center for Systems Thinking Advanced Facilitator Credential program is an intensive 1-year program that will advance your systems thinking skills, and develop your ability to facilitate systems thinking learning and utilize a systems thinking approach to coaching. Candidates are expected to enter the program with foundational systems thinking background and experience. Participants completing the program will have the opportunity to achieve two possible outcomes.
  • Waters Center Advanced Facilitator Credential indicates successful completion of all program expectations and a demonstrated advanced competence in all three competence areas: systems thinking, facilitating and coaching.
  • An Intern Facilitator Certificate indicates successful completion of all program expectations with some progress toward advanced competence.

The program design of the Advanced Facilitator Credential has three interdependent components:

  • Content: You will build your systems thinking capacity through content that includes the advanced knowledge and skills with the Habits of a Systems Thinker, tools and concepts of systems thinking.
  • Connections: You will connect systems thinking content to the advanced development of facilitator and coaching roles that deliver benefits to others eager to learn and develop as systems thinkers.
  • Community: You will be a member of a community of learners who will support, collaborate and hold one another accountable for ongoing learning, progress and outcome achievement.


  • $3,200 per person
  • Limited number of partial scholarships are available.

Upcoming Credential Program Cohorts

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