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While our team is made up of members from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and professions, we have many core values and principles in common: a passion to make the world a better place, a belief in hard work driven by collaboration between others, and a goal of making everything we do valuable and enjoyable!

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Professional Development Specialist

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Company: Waters Center for Systems Thinking

Company Description:
The Waters Center for Systems Thinking is an internationally recognized leader in systems thinking capacity building.
We are dedicated to providing the tools and methods that help people understand, track, and leverage the connections that affect their personal and professional goals.
We’re all about delivering benefits and working with others to help them do the same — whether it’s in a classroom, school, district, business or community, systems thinking helps people of all ages and walks of life see beyond the surface of a problem to find equitable and lasting solutions. We’re passionate about what we do and we have fun doing it. We have worked with more than 800 schools and 30,000 educators worldwide to build systems thinking capacity. We’ve also worked with hundreds of teams across the globe, including business executive boards, administrative cabinets, school boards, planning teams and think tanks, to build an understanding of how systems thinking can bring clarity to high-stake situations and difficult decision-making.

Job Title: Professional Development Specialist

Job Type: Full-time, telecommute

Job Summary:
The Waters Center for Systems Thinking is seeking a Professional Development Specialist to work with our team in serving our clients’ professional development needs. The position will require extensive travel, approximately 40% of one’s time. Work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Professional development planning and facilitation
  • Follow-up coaching and support to clients
  • Outreach to existing and new clients
The ideal candidate will have the following skills and areas of expertise:
  • Strong background in systems thinking that includes
    • Ability to describe and explain the value and benefits of being a systems thinker
    • Experience applying the Habits and tools of systems thinking in the workplace as an organization leader or teacher
    • Ability to transfer systems thinking experience to novel situations and those who are new to systems thinking, showing strong utilization of the systems thinking Habits and tools
    • Experience teaching systems thinking Habits and tools to others
  • Exemplary presentation, facilitation and teaching skills that include:
    • Ability to plan for diverse groups of learners
    • Ensure desired learning outcomes are achieved within a designated timeframe
    • Coaching capabilities that focus on the specific needs of learners
    • Flexibility and the ability to modify instruction or workshop plans based on unforeseen circumstances
    • Effective oral and written communication
    • Consistent modeling of the Habits of a Systems Thinker
    • Ability to recognize teachable moments and provide examples of systems thinking applications that build understanding
    • Facilitation skills that utilize systems thinking to help a group achieve goals or desired outcomes
  • Organization and project management skills that include these capabilities:
    • Coordinate and plan with client organizations
    • Develop a scope of work with the client organization that will inform contracts
    • Work with a design team to develop a PD long-term plan
    • Communicate clearly and consistently throughout the contract period
    • Foresee challenges and potential problems before they manifest
    • Track and communicate progress both orally and in writing
    • Keep both Waters Center directors and organization leaders updated regularly
  • Team skills that include the willingness to:
    • Encourage, support and collaborate effectively with fellow team members
    • Clearly communicate ideas with others
    • Work through conflict with honesty and respect
    • Maintain flexibility when unexpected changes or conditions arise
    • Listen with intent to understand and ask clarifying questions when needed
    • Provide and receive constructive feedback
    • Be open to and appreciate different points of view
    • Invest time in learning for personal and professional growth
Additional preferred qualifications:
  • Masters + degree preferred in fields related to leadership, teaching and/or learning
  • Fluency with technology (e.g. web, email, Microsoft Office) and online meeting and webinar platforms
  • ST/SD modeling experience using Stella, Vensim, Kumo or similar platform
  • Willingness to travel for work for up to 5-day periods
  • Fluency in languages in addition to English
  • Willingness to conduct conference calls and online meetings outside of regular working hours, particularly when working in and with clients from different time zones

The Application Process

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and a compelling cover letter attached as PDFs to Please format the subject heading, “Job Title – First Name Last Name”. Salary is commensurate with experience. You will be contacted if there is a match between the job requirements and your skill set.

Waters Center for Systems Thinking offers generous employee benefits and time off. We are an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status. Knowing its importance to the success of our work, we aspire to build a diverse staff team and community. We strongly encourage people of all backgrounds to apply. We appreciate your time but due to the high volume of applications received, Waters Center is unable to respond to all applicants. Only individuals selected to move forward in the hiring process will be contacted. Unless otherwise noted, positions will be closed when a candidate is found and hired.