Welcome to Systems thINK!

Just like naming a new baby, naming a blog was no easy task.  Blog-naming experts encouraged us to be clever, to consider name searchability and to settle on titles that are short and concise.  After days of trading ideas, we settled on the term “systems” which is near and dear to our hearts, and dissected the word “think” to highlight the importance of “ink, “ to blogging, or putting pen to paper and fingertips to keys.  After checking through Google to make sure the name was truly unique, a new blog was finally born!!

This blog is a team effort that highlights the writing of a variety of thought leaders focused on the integration of systems thinking habits, concepts and tools in schools and in communities.  We hope to make it fun and participatory by encouraging responses and replies that will open up a welcoming space for thoughtful inklings and insights.


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  1. I am retired from various occupations: education, business, self employed financial consulting, psychologist, minister. I stumbled on your work surrounding these concepts and am so challenged to learn and apply. Thank you for your continued work and dedication.

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