Topic Cultural Awareness
Subject Spanish
Grades 4th, 5th
Overview/Summary:  I read the book I Hate English (Levine).  It is a story about a girl, Mei Mei, from China who moves to the United States.  She despises using English.  Her favorite times are at a community center in Chinatown until one day an ESL teacher shows up at the center to help her with English.  Mei Mei continues to struggle with feeling like she’s giving up a part of her identity throughout the book until the end, when she uses English with her teacher.  We did a few BOTGs about the levels of frustration, the use of English by Mei Mei, the feeling of loneliness, etc.  As a class, we plotted significant actions from the book that made the graph look the way it did.  We talked about the purposes of learning Spanish and how some of the children experience similar feelings in Spanish class.  We also talked about things they could do when they encounter a person who does not speak English.  We considered feelings they might have in every day situations like at the bank, at a store, or at school.


ST Concepts & Habits Habits of a systems thinker

  • seeks to understand the “big picture”
  • identifies the circular nature of complex cause and effect relationships
  • changes perspective to increase understanding
  • considers both short and long term consequences of actions
ST Tools
  • Behavior over time graphs
Standards Uncover own thoughts and biases about their own and other cultures
Analyze cross cultural points of view, products, and practices
Adjust own behavior to fit cultural context

Implemented by: Laura Medberry, K-5 Spanish - Heights

Submitted by: Laura Medberry

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