Topic Car Loan Exploration – Deals on Wheels Simulation
Subject Beginning Algebra

This lesson could be adapted for a Life Skills class.

Grades 6th-8th
Overview: Students use a computer simulation to explore the dynamics involved in having a loan to purchase a car.  They consider how various elements such as interest rate, loan length, salary, and the price of a car affect their financial situation over time.
ST Concepts Concepts:

  • Change over time
  • Interdependencies
  • Short and long term consequences
  • Trade-offs

Habits of a systems thinker:

  • Surfaces and tests assumptions
ST Tools
  • Behavior-over-time graphs
  • Computer simulation
Standards Reads and interprets data in charts, tables, plots (e.g., stem-and-leaf, box-and-whiskers, scatter), and graphs (e.g., bar, circle, line)
Generalizes from a pattern of observations made in particular cases, makes conjectures, and provides supporting arguments for these conjectures (i.e., uses inductive reasoning)
Uses proportional reasoning to solve mathematical and real-world problems (e.g., involving equivalent fractions, equal ratios, constant rate of change, proportions, percents)

Implemented by: Glenda DeMoss, Phoebe Goodwin, Anne LaVigne, Mary C. Miller

Submitted by: Anne LaVigne

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