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Webinar: Systems Thinking and Math Discourse

Facilitator: Danielle Robinson, Math Interventionist, Milwaukee Public Schools

The Habits and tools of systems thinking help students develop critical thinking skills and improve discourse to explain their reasoning.

This webinar will help participants learn how math discourse is very closely tied to systems thinking. Participants will walk away with ideas of how to increase math discourse in their classrooms. The webinar also touches on how to use the tools and Habits of systems thinking to help teachers use math discourse in their classrooms.

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Webinar: Systems Thinking In Turkey


Özlem Orçun, Academic Coordinator
Sema Yiğitgil, Elementary School Teacher
Nurdan Ellez, Education Consultant

In this webinar you will learn from our colleagues in Turkey as they share their experiences applying systems thinking in the Turkish education system. The following topics will be highlighted:

Singing Frogs

A short tale for kindergarten students about ecosystem written by Özlem Orçun. The narrative is constructed with systems thinking tools (fixes
that fail archetype and ladder of inference) in mind. See how use of the systems thinking tools make this story understandable, even for readers who do not speak Turkish.  This will be a powerful demonstration for teachers applying systems thinking to their own early literacy work.

Arithmetic with stock-flow maps

Last year some classroom teachers used stock-flow maps to introduce addition and subtraction to first graders. Satisfied with their results, they applied the same tool to multiplication with various problem sets. Second grade students, with systems thinking background from previous year, grasped the concept easily and were able to solve relatively difficult problems using stock-flow maps as templates.

Holistic Education Program

Two teachers established an organization for after school activities. This year, they presented their holistic approach on designing after school activities using systems thinking tools. During the webinar they will share some of their results infusing systems thinking into an after school program and sharing the concepts with parents and the community.

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Webinar: Changing Perspectives: A New View of Credit Recovery

Facilitator:  Will Luedtke, Credit Recovery Coordinator, Milwaukee Public Schools

This webinar focuses on how systems thinking led to a redesign of the credit recovery system in Milwaukee Public Schools, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of students receiving credits for courses they have previously failed.

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Webinar: Putting Habits of a Systems Thinker into Daily Practice

Tracy Benson, President, Waters Center

Romy Banks, Director of Operations, Waters Center

This webinar will help you explore the essential habits of a systems thinker, along with tools that help us all put the habits into day-to-day practice.  During the webinar you will be introduced to the habits and how they apply to personal growth, classroom instruction, leadership development and organizational learning.

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Webinar: Using Stock-Flow Maps to Deepen Understanding of Persuasive Techniques

Facilitator:  Brian Bindschadler, Orange Grove Middle School, Tucson AZ

This webinar shows how a stock-flow map can be used to help students deepen and solidify their understanding of specific techniques used to develop strong arguments. Students revisit previously learned skills and concepts and consider the concept of leverage – which techniques are most important – related to increasing their stock (the ability to persuade).

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Webinar: A Systems Approach to Strategic Planning & School Improvement


Carrie Brennan, Executive Director, CITY Center for Collaborative Learning

Brett Goble, Principal, CITY High School

This webinar engages participants in an exploration of ways that systems thinking can help leaders take a more collaborative approach to developing strategic plans and school improvement plans. Carrie and Brett share examples of how they used systems thinking strategies and tools to create and grow an organization that is a dynamic and engaged community of learners.

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Webinar: Learning to See the Big Picture – Setting Goals and Increasing Understanding in the Foreign Language Middle School Classroom

Facilitator:  Maria Montagner, Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools

This webinar helps participants see how systems are all around us, and helps participants focus on language as a system.  Maria explains how she leads her students in setting their own goals and tracking  their progress based on daily objectives, which leads students to accept more responsibility for their own learning. Maria also shares examples from her foreign language classroom, but the principles for individualizing instruction and helping students self-assess are easily adaptable to any content area.

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Webinar: Using Systems Tools to Analyze Nonfiction Text

Facilitator:  Kara Fusco, Woodmere Middle School, Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools

This webinar showcases the work of one teacher and her students as they
utilized systems thinking tools in their middle school English Language Arts classroom. Using a text set that included  A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park along with other non-fiction texts dealing with the civil war in South Sudan and the lack of water in certain parts of Africa, students were able to represent their abstract thoughts on an imperative social issue. Students used a variety of reading strategies and systems thinking tools throughout the text study. Resources, samples of student texts, and comments were shared during the webinar to inspire your use of systems thinking in the Language Arts classroom.

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Webinar: Social Justice and Systems Thinking

Facilitator:  Danielle Robinson, Milwaukee Public Schools 

This webinar includes ideas and resources for bringing social justice topics alive in your elementary classroom while engaging students in rich content.  Systems thinking tools provide invaluable support for students and teachers as they dive into content related to social justice!

Please Note:  Due to technical difficulties during the first few minutes of the webinar, the recording begins in progress.  However, the majority of the content is captured in this recording.

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Webinar: Exploring Science With Systems Thinking in the Elementary School

Facilitators:  Karen Abbott and Kelly Nichols, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

This webinar shows how systems thinking tools provide a concrete way for even the youngest of students to grasp the most abstract concepts.  This hour-long webinar focuses on delivering science curriculum using systems tools.  These tools make science concepts come alive for all students.

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Seminario Web: Una introducción al pensamiento sistémico a través de actividades para los niños en la escuela primaria

Facilitadora: Julie Guerrero, Waters Center

¿Qué es un sistema? ¿Qué es el pensamiento sistémico? ¿Por qué usar el pensamiento de sistemas? Tenga la experiencia de pensar profundamente a través del pensamiento sistémico investigando actividades para niños de la escuela primaria. Cada actividad modelará una herramienta del pensamiento sistémico y destacará  los Hábitos de un pensador de sistemas. Esta sesión se presentará en español.

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Webinar: Stock/Flow Diagrams Engage Preschoolers in Dynamic Thinking

Facilitators:  Jennifer Dooley and Jen Parker, Catalina Foothills School District

This webinar introduces and showcases the impact of using stock/flow diagrams to enhance the cognitive and emotional development of preschoolers.  Participants experience a multi-age inclusive preschool classroom.  They see children using the visual tool to represent concrete and abstract accumulations while examining what adds to and takes away from the stock.  Resources and examples are shared, as participants are encouraged to use stock/flow diagrams in their own classrooms.

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Webinar: Dive into Deep Learning: Systems Thinking and the 4Cs*


Dr. Mary Jo Conery, Associate Superintendent, Catalina Foothills School District and 

JoanYates, Vice President, Waters Center

This webinar allows participants to hear explanations and see examples of how adults and students develop the 4Cs as they use systems thinking concepts, habits and tools (particularly the systems thinking iceberg visual) in their organizational and standards-based curricular work focused on 21st century education. Throughout the interactive webinar participants are encouraged to apply critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

*critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity 

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We recommend watching the video, “Where Do Good Ideas Come From”, by Steven Johnson, prior to viewing the webinar recording.

Webinar: 4-8, Teaching the Mathematical Practices

Facilitator:  April Knippen

This webinar focuses on the eight Mathematical Practices that define the type of thinking required for achieving success in mathematics.  Systems thinking tools are a natural fit to help embed the Mathematical Practices in the classroom.  Learn how to use the tools and habits of systems thinking to enhance your mathematics instruction.

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Webinar: 9-12, Integration of Knowledge, Standards 7-9 and Writing Standards Text Type and Purpose 1-2

Facilitator:  Sheri Marlin

This webinar focuses on utilizing the Iceberg visual.  A key to reading and writing well is being able to think deeply.  Based on the principle of an actual iceberg, that 90% of the iceberg’s massive structure lies unseen below the surface of the water, this tool takes students below the surface of their reading, deepening their understanding and helping them produce coherent, substantive writing.

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Webinar: K-3, Text Types and Purposes

Writing Standards 1-3

Facilitator:  Sheri Marlin

This webinar focuses on the use of systems thinking tools to teach the three required types of writing specified in the CCSS writing standards: opinion pieces, informative/explanatory text and narratives.

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Webinar: K-3 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Standards 7-9, for Literary and Informational Text

Facilitator: Sheri Marlin

This webinar focuses on the use of systems thinking tools to improve early literacy. Specific lesson ideas connected to specific pieces of literature with student examples are shared.

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Webinar: Systems Thinking + Curriculum Standards = Critical Thinking

Facilitators: Sheri Marlin and Denise Ryan

This webinar illustrates how to help students achieve greater levels of critical thinking through application of the Ladder of Inference to standards from both Mathematics and English Language Arts. Learning together in this session, we create thinking strategies that are good for teachers and good for students.  The session is filled with classroom-ready activities, formative assessments and an explanation of how systems thinking supports academic standards.

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