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A List of Online Simulations

This spreadsheet is a list of free, online simulations available from a variety of sources. You can sort on any column by clicking on that column heading.

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Arizona Statehood

A study of text regarding the social, economic and political changes that led to Arizona statehood

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Bacteria – Exponential Growth

This activity involves using a computer simulation to increase students’’ understanding of the long-term potential of exponential growth.

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Bean Game

Participants (adults or students in 4th grade and up) participate in an activity in which groups represent families. Individuals in each family represent generations over time. All participants draw from a common non-renewable resource to survive.

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BOTG with Questions

Six behavior-over-time graphs with questions

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Characteristics of Systems

A physical simulation to introduce students to general characteristics shared by all dynamic systems

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Comprehending Expository Text

Students used two graphic organizers focused on change over time and interdependencies during and after reading their social studies text.

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Connection Circle/BOTGs

Student worksheet – circle surrounded by seven graph templates

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Cultural Awareness

Using the book I Hate English and behavior-over-time graphs to develop cultural awareness

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Dollars and Sense Lessons

Available from the Creative Learning Exchange, Dollars and Sense I and Dollars and Sense II, contain series of lessons on financial literacy. Lessons include the use of free, online simulations, behavior-over-time graphs, causal loops, and stock/flow maps.

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