Resources Compliments of the Waters Center:

We are pleased to offer a variety of resources to assist you in your systems thinking learning journey.

From templates, lesson plans and ideas, worksheets, research and more, the searchable Resources section of our website is a place with a wide-breadth of information and tools to assist your learning and implementation of systems thinking.

We are proud to offer these items free of charge, and are committed to ensuring our Resources remain up to date, timely and practical.

Thinking Tools Studio

The Thinking Tools Studio (our new Learning Management System!) is a one-of-its-kind, subscription-based learning hub, and a place to practice the Habits and tools of systems thinking in a supportive and collaborative setting. It’s a way to understand how to use and apply systems thinking resources.

It’s a place of ongoing and regularly updated information, resources and coaching.

Members will have access to one-on-one and group coaching with Waters Center leadership and opportunities to engage with other members to share insights and ask questions.

The most beneficial learning is consistent, ongoing, practical, flexible, and fun — and this is exactly what subscribers of the Thinking Tools Studio can expect!

Members of the Thinking Tools Studio will receive:

    • Unlimited access to the studio
    • Digital, interactive set of the Habits cards
    • New and regularly updated content including: lesson ideas and plans, activities, templates, rubrics and more
    • Access to Waters Center coaches (one-on-one and group)
    • Video content from Waters Center events (Systems Thinking Institutes, etc.)

For more information, visit the Thinking Tools Studio.