Twin Rivers Unified School District

TRUSD serves nearly 28,000 students in northern Sacramento County, CA with 52 school sites: 29 elementary, 5 middle, 4 comprehensive high schools, 3 charters at 7 sites and 7 alternative schools.
District Core Beliefs:

  1. All students will graduate college, career and civic-minded ready.
  2. All students will have a safe, clean and secure environment that is free of bullying and that creates opportunities for learning.
  3. Student engagement is critical to student success.
  4. Partnerships with all stakeholders are vital to student success.
  5. TRUSD will be fiscally sound and maximize resources for student success.
  6. TRUSD will honor diversity and create equity across the district.
  7. TRUSD will identify, recruit, retain and develop the best employees.


In 2014, Twin Rivers began its involvement in systems thinking (ST) capacity building with large-scale administrative participation at both district and school levels. Twin Rivers is most noted for their whole-system approach to systems thinking learning and integration. By building an ST foundation involving district and school-level leaders, they are striving to develop a universal understanding and practice of systems thinking concepts, Habits and visual tools.
Specific highlights include:

  • Increased inter-department, school and grade level collaboration.
  • Ongoing application of ST Habits and tools to operational planning, decision-making and problem-solving.
  • ST actively applied to school improvement efforts.
  • The development of internal district ST mentors and facilitators.

In subsequent years, workshop participation, follow-up coaching, intentional systems thinking practice and collaboration continue with members of school-based instructional leadership teams, district classified and certified staff and student leader groups. In addition, the ongoing development of principal mentors, systems thinking facilitators and student leader advisors ensures future ST sustainability and independent capacity to maintain ongoing efforts to increase ST integration throughout the district.