Ochoa Elementary School, Tucson Unified School District

A PreK – 5th grade school serving approximately 200 students (within a large urban school district). Ochoa has been in school improvement through the Arizona Department of Education criteria. The year 2018 is the second year of implementing systems thinking (ST) for site-based decision making, leadership capacity building, and teacher professional development.
Desired Outcomes and Project Goals:

Year 1: Build Capacity for Instructional Practices for Reading by identifying patterns/trends and connections in student learning and instruction. Model class application of teaching strategies and apply ST Habits in the teaching/learning cycle and instructional leadership.

Build Capacity for Site Leadership by providing job-embedded support to the principal and Leadership Team using tools and Habits of ST to address complex issues and the decision-making process. Identify patterns/trends in staff and student data and use ST tools in site professional development.

Year 2: Build Capacity and Provide Support to New Site Administrator by providing job- embedded support to the principal using ST tools and Habits to address complex issues and the decision-making process. Provide training to the principal in ST tools and Habits for use in the professional learning community (PLC) and site professional development.

Ochoa has seen effective use of ST to identify leverage points within a system to prioritize actions and increase student achievement. Students and staff have adopted the Habits of a Systems Thinker during their decision-making process, and the use of ST tools during PLCs to analyze student data has led to a more effective measurement system.