Disha India Education Foundation and the Heritage Schools, Gurgaon India

Disha India Education Foundation is an educational initiative striving towards re-defining learning and thereby facilitating the re-invention of schools and the education system at large. The idea is to construct a theory of experiential education and design an integrated experiential curriculum that uses real-life experiences from the child’s local context as a source and pedagogic medium for developing knowledge, skills and character. Beginning in 2010, the Waters Center have provided provided professional development services and support to educators served by Disha India
Desired Outcomes and Project Goals:

  • To integrate systems thinking habits, concepts and tools into experiential learning opportunities for students.
  • To incorporate systems thinking habits, concepts and tools into the Courage to Teach and Courage to Lead expeditionary programs.


Systems Thinking Professional Development in Gurgaon, India

Beginning in 2010 members of the Waters Center traveled to Gurgaon to facilitate a multi-day systems thinking workshop with educators from the Heritage Schools. Follow-up communication and online support reinforces the learning partner relationship between Disha India and the Waters Center.