City High School

City High School:
A charter high school serving approximately 200 students in Tucson, Arizona.

Desired Outcomes and Project Goals:

  • Build the capacity of staff to augment instruction using the Habits and tools of systems thinking.<l/i>
  • Build community through a process of system mapping.
  • Make connections with school initiatives, such as project-based learning and STEM.

Since implementation, City High School continues to incorporate systems thinking as a part of daily instruction to increase rigor and help students articulate their real-world connections. The school has also built a systems map to examine student/staff relationships. They have since used the map as the basis for revising several school policies.

Through their educational non-profit, City Center for Collaborative Learning, the systems thinking work is being shared with the greater Tucson community. City Center personnel have used the Habits and tools of systems thinking in school improvement and strategic planning.