The Waters Foundation Systems Thinking Institutes – Better Together: Think Big. Think Bold. Think Systems!

What do you get when you gather close to 200 teachers, school administrators, business and community organization leaders interested in systems thinking?

Aside from a lot of interesting conversations, learning opportunities, networking (and fun!), you get the foundation for one of our Systems Thinking Institutes.

Depending on the location of the event, the exact logistics can vary, but the main ingredients for our Institute recipe remains the same: a variety of two-day workshops catering to different experience levels and interest in systems thinking, engaging and inspiring keynote speakers, field trips to local school(s) to see systems thinking at work in classrooms, and plenty of opportunities for group activities and shared learning.

Mix all of these together and voila! You’ve got a multi-day professional development opportunity that will improve your capacity to apply the Habits and tools of systems thinking to your work and life with the goal of achieving the outcomes you want. It’s all about identifying ways to deliver benefits.

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Take a look at what past Institute participants have to say about their experience:

“I gained a great deal from the Institute that I can apply both personally and professionally! I have started to think more in systems and how I can work to organize life and prioritize goals. I appreciated being able to see how students are utilizing the Habits and tools so effectively. I came away with a better understanding of how I can incorporate systems thinking into lessons I demo, professional development I provide, and units of study I write.
The session I attended enabled me to work with my peers to take a problem and create possible solutions. It brought us closer together as a team and helped us gain knowledge of how we can do this as a school district.” – Milwaukee 2017 Systems Thinking Institute Participant

“I found numerous ways to incorporate what I learned at the Institute in my work, organization and with my team.” – Vice President of Community Impact, United Way, Valley of the Sun, Phoenix

“I have been using systems thinking in the classroom, and after the Institute, I have gotten a new perspective on using these same skills with coworkers to problem solve at a center wide level.” – Teacher, Sunnyside School District, Tucson

“I learned that with the right tools, we are all capable of systems thinking. I also recognized that there is a significant need to apply systems thinking far more often and across disciplines. I also observed that students exposed to systems thinking from an early age seem to have unique critical thinking skills that will be both incredibly beneficial for their educational career, but more importantly, for life!” – Program Director, Texas A&M University