The Learning is Heating Up with Tucson Summer Workshops

Summer is in full swing, and so are our learning opportunities!

On May 31, Waters Foundation Executive Director of Leadership and School Improvement, Mary Quinnan, facilitated the “Systems Thinking Approach to School-Based Challenges” workshop. Participants from around the country, including Hawaii and Alaska, worked together to identify issues affecting classrooms, schools, and the education systems as a whole. They then used systems thinking tools to identify areas of leverage.

“It was so rewarding to see participants walk away with action items of things they plan to implement as a result of this workshop. I think what makes this workshop a success is how applicable the content is to challenges that educators face on a daily basis,” said Quinnan.

“I’m looking forward to holding this workshop again!”

On June 5, Waters Foundation Chief Learning Officer, Sheri Marlin, held the “Habit-Forming Workshop to Becoming a Systems Thinker,” which drew in participants from all types of backgrounds, professions, and roles in systems.

“The inspiration behind this workshop was our Habit-Forming Guide to Becoming a Systems Thinker,” Marlin said.

“It’s an accessible and hands-on guide for applying systems thinking to education, business, leadership, parenting, citizenship … the list goes on and on.”

“Using the framework and some of the exercises from the book made for a successful and very fun workshop! Participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the Habits of a Systems Thinker in a collaborative and hands-on way.”

Did you miss out on these workshops? Check out our events calendar to stay up to date with our professional development learning opportunities.

Our next summer workshop, “Improving Student Success with Systems Thinking,” will be held Jul. 24-26 at the Puget Sound Center for Professional Learning in Renton, Washington. Learn more here.